Tuesday, January 26, 2010

new pics

Here are some pictures that I took today of Landon. I cut his hair 2 days ago, and so I wanted to show you all that, and him being cute!

Updated status

Hello everyone...today is January 26th, 2010. Chris is at work, and me and Landon are enjoying our day together. I think I might take him to McDonalds. That is his favorite place these days. He loves their french fries...what kid doesn't. Landon has been learning his ABCs...He can successfully say them all when we sing the song. If it were up to him, he would simply say, "QRS...TUV...those are his favorite letters to say.
He also recognizes and says Triangle, Square, and Circle. He can count to ten also...but sometimes he gets his 3's and 8's confused! haha
I guess I can see why...they are really similar in shape! Anyways, he's only 2...and I think he's freakin smart. Rayden probably knows the same things. He's a smart one too. These days, before the kids are in kindergarden, the schools want the kids to know how to count, know and recognize letters, and numbers. It seems like a lot for a kid...but not when you have a kid like mine.
Some of landons favorite movies are Bambi, Dinosaurs, Enchanted, Cars, and Dumb and Dumber. haha He also likes the part in Cinderella where the Duke falls over and breaks his chair while he's talkin to the King. Landon seriously cracks up on that part everytime he watches it!
I just cut Landons hair 2 days ago, so maybe i'll take a picture and post it for you all to see today! :)

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Recent pics within the last few months for my dad to see!

Chris and I visiting my grandma Rose's grave!

mmm, Landon loves Brownies

Simon and Dragone Family pics :)
Chad, Vicky, Rayden, Billy, Crissy, Chrissy, Chris, Lisa, Emily, Landon, Bill Simon, Carmen Dragone, and Joanne Dragone

Leanna and Chris' birthday party! Chris=29, Leanna=14

Pappy and his nurse

Skylyn and Pappy! 2009

Emily, Christina, Me and Kristen,....best friends forever!

Emily and Rayden

Me and My brother Braden

Me and Emily at my house

Ready for our close up