Wednesday, December 31, 2008

So today is New Years Eve, and to me it doesn't seem like it too much! Chris has to work all day again, and Landon and I are hangin out!!! Usually we're with Family...but not this year. We are our own family though, and it's time that we make our own traditions! Chris and I are giong to stay awake...probably not til the New though...and we're going to play games as a family...and enjoy our new tradition!
My computer hasn't turned on for 2 I haven't been able to upload any pics from our time in Utah. We had such a wonderful time at my inlaws house! They sure are great! They bought landon the cuttest stuff this year. They got him some clothes, and some toys, and some books, any my favorite, a rocking horse that Landon can ride on. It is ADORABLE..and Landon loves it! Right now I'm burning some pictures and videos onto some cd's so that if my computer decides not to turn back on..i'll have all of my pics and videos of Landon up to date. One thing that I do NOT want to lose is my pics and videos of my baby! You can never get that back when you lose it..and..I'm not losing them!
My dad sent us some money for Christmas...and we are so grateful because it totally helps us out! Thanks again dad!
We got to hang out with Emily, Chad and Rayden too. Man, I needed to see them too. I was totally goin through some withdrawls of needing to see them. I feel like they are all I have that is close to my family from home! Rayden is getting so big...and has so many teeth it's crazy. He even talks and says "Santa". He says, "HO HO HO!" too. He's just adorable! Anyways, i'll post another comment as soon as I get all of my pictures and videos copied.
See ya Everyone!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Our gift to you for the Holidays!

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Landon Walking FINALLY

So, this is a video of Landon walking. Everyday for the past week, Chris and I have been letting Landon practice walking by walking to Chris and I back and forth. He loves doing it. It was extremely tough getting a video of him doing it because it's hard holding the camera..AND being there to catch him at the same time. The video isn't the best quality, but at least you get to see him do his new trick. He does soo good, and we're proud of him. Check out our baby boy FINALLY walking!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Landon was sporting his new hair cut, and hangin out with Mommy and Daddy today. We took a cute picture of him. Check it out! We also video taped him eating his sucker after his hair cut. We hurried up and put him in the tub cause he was so sticky. He even had sucker in his hair. Check out him laughing in his video! Ohh, and turn up your sound!

First Haircut

He was making the wierdest face here....he looks chubby. hehe

Today is December 20th, and today is the day that we gave Landon his very first haircut. His hair was getting sooo long and he started to get a mullet. I told Chris...LANDON IS NOT GOING TO HAVE A I decided to cut it. He did really good. I figured that if I gave him a tootsie pop, he would be just fine, and I was right. He was so distracted by his sucker that he let me cut whatever I want. Check out some pictures of his first hair cut. I like to spike his hair when I fix it, and I'm so glad that I can do it again. I cut off sooo many curls. It was sad! Hopefully they'll grow back though. I'll let you see how I fix it also.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Winter Wonderland!

So, yesterday in Eagle, we received over a foot and a half of snow. We're supposed to get a ton more tonight too. Chris and I took Landon out and played in the snow..and it was sooo much fun! Landon loved it! He looked so cute all bundled up. See it for yourself!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

VAg Architects and Planning Party...check this out!

So last night we went to VAg's party. It was actually a lot of fun! I had Prime Rib...which isn't the best. It was totally NOT Emily if you read this, dont ever get Prime Rib! It's all fat AND the meat is RED and BLOODY! Ugh, Chris liked it, but I dont like my meat like that. I made them cook it more. I felt bad even asking. The waiter looked at me like I was nuts. The waiter said that they dont usually overcook prime Rib. Who knows though...I made them do it for me. It was gross all bloody and stuff. Chris ended up getting Surp-n-Turf. It was a lobster/shrimp Filet minon...however you spell that. Anyways, we shared dinners...and had a good time.
They gave away white elephant gifts...and previously drew people's names. This lady named Suzanne had Chris' name and she knows that we're huge Steeler fans. She's a Bronco's she made Chris AND Landon dress up as a Bronco Barrel....Check out Landon. The cardboard was too big on him. He couldn't even stand up. He didn't know WHAT I was doin to him when I put on his outfit. The barrel said "Steelers SUCK" and had this huge Bronco on the front. Check out the pics.
Look what they had him read aloud!

A few years ago, I was sitting in my living room watching a Steeler Game. All of a sudden, a highlight clip of a Broncos game came on. A feeling of joy and excitement came over me and took me by suprise. I thought perhaps it was just delayed adrenaline and anxiety from watching the Steelers get crushed by the Eagles, so I didn't think much of it.
After some time, I realized I had never experienced that kind of excitement before. I had been a Steelers fan all my life, but maybe something was wrong. While I started paying more attention to Broncos highlights, I realized how great I felt and how amazing the Broncos were. . . John Elway, Terrell Davis, Shannon Sharp, Ed McCaffrey. I realized that moment that I had been lying to myself my whole life.
I tried to bury the thoughts and emotions, but after a while I couldn't take it anymore. About a year ago, I told my wife that to feel any kind of accomplishment in my life, I had to move to Colorado and become the new Barrel Man.
Now I can accomplish my dream and share the wonderful experience and life goal with my son. We are now a duo of tradition and dedication to the team I love. "GO BRONCOS!!!"

Friday, December 12, 2008

Check out Landon playin with Cocoa

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Chris got a job!

So today, I turned down a job in my field at Howard Head Medical Center. Man, that was definitely a tough thing to do. Chris applied at the Eagle Airport located by my house, and he was offered the job today. They offered him the position working full time but for 4 days a week every week. He would work at like 5am until 3 pm everyday, and he gets an hour lunch break. He also gets 4 buddy passes to fly..which is cool. The prices of the buddy passes equal out to be almost $350 each, which is cool. It'll be nice to have those...since we wanna do a vacation sometime. It'll save us some money! Anyways, I just wanted to tell everyone that he got a job for now...and it technically is just until April. The airport is a really small one and so, in April, they are closing down the "one" runway that they have to remodel it. It's a good job for now. . . until he gets another job in his field. VAg said that they wanna start rehiring their employees in the spring time so...hopefully Chris'll get his job back then!

Anyways, everyone...check out a christmas picture that we took at our place. Ugh, it's not the best pic of all of us...but it'll do for now. Hope ya like it!
Gotta go...landon wants my attention!

Monday, December 8, 2008

So...listen to this..I got offered a few jobs...and the bishop is telling me not to take them. He said that I need to give Chris the opportunity to look for jobs because Landon needs me at home. I agree that Landon needs me at home, but I figured if I got a job, it would be temperary...just until Chris gets a job. I dont know what to do. I agree with Chris' parents...that I need to take the councel of the bishop....BUT what if Chris doesnt get a job for awhile? The bishop wants us both to stay home, and me help Chris to get a job...and he said that the church will pay our bills for awhile until he gets one! I guess we "Could" do that...but I just feel bad having the church help out for awhile.
It was sooooo weird. On Sunday, the bishop called us both into his office and asked how the job search was going...and I said.."GREAT!" I just got offered a job in my field...and I still have the opportunity to take the Salary job...and he looked me right in the eyes...and said, "I know this is going to be a test of faith here, but I really dont think you should take a job right now." Me and Chris looked at each "WHAT?" I'm confused. Why not take a job offer. I mean, we need to pay our bills! He me, I know it sounds scary but you have to have faith in this.
I was sooo confused! I truely believe that the bishop gets inspiration from God, and I think that maybe we really should take him up on his offer. Its been a really hard decision for us...but we're going to go through with it, with faith, and hope that he gets offered something good...soon! I really know that my testimony of TITHING has grown a ton from this trial, and I am so grateful for the church! It's nice that because we pay our tithing...and we help others...that the church comes together to help us out! It's just such a testimony builder to me. Anyways, if any of you have any comments...please leave your input.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Enjoying a car ride!

Messy Boy!

Chris fed Landon some yogurt, and he had it all over his face. It looked to me like he had vampire fangs at the time I took the pics..however, it doesnt look like it in the pics now. Landon LOVES yogurt! Isn't he just cute?

Check out Landon's reaction to our Christmas Tree! You can see him staring at it in amazement because he liked the Bulbs. He tried his hardest to reach from the couch to the tree to get the Christmas bulbs. The one picture where he actually got the one bulb...I scared him. He was caught! That face is priceless! He was also sharing his cookie with Cocoa again. He loves that ferret. It's funny! has been a good day. I got a lot done. I cleaned the WHOLE house! So I will know next week if I got the job at Howard Head Medical Center. I would be doing the same work as I did at Cache Valley Specialty Hospital the Physical Therapy Clinic. It'll be fun except I'll be working with like 20 different Physical Therapists instead of 8. It's a higher volume clinic. I really want this job because it's something that i'm familiar with...along with the fact that it's what I went to school for. Wendy's offered me the Salary Position...starting off at $35,000. I'm honestly really debating on whether or not I wanna do it...just because it' WENDY'S. I mean, I feel like I'm better than that. I feel like that is totally snobby to say, but it's the truth. I mean, I know that I'd be pretty much running the's definitely a tough decision. My dad told me to just work there for awhile until the Economy gets better...and maybe I will just do that. The hospitals only wanna pay me like $15-$17 an hour...and dont get me wrong, that is a good pay...but if I go by who pays me more...I'd take the Wendy's job. They have a lot of benefits too, and just the fact that i'd be saving money on Gas every month from NOT driving to VAIL everyday. Ya know? I dunno...we'll have to see which job I choose at a later date! :) Get back with me!
Anyways, I have faith that the decision I choose will be the best choice, and hope all goes well.
Thanks for reading my blog posts! It's cool!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

So as of right now...I have landed 3 interviews. I have one tonight at 7pm...with the Wendy's corporation about the salary job. And then I have another tomorrow at Howard Head Medical Center in Vail...for another position. It's actually going to be a phone interview. I've heard that phone interviews aren't the best way to have interviews, but thats all I could do! I have one more interview tomorrow afternoon at Prudential Insurance for just one day a week....just for Saturdays. I'm a little overwhelmed because I really dont know what I'm supposed to say to these people. Chris applied for a job last night for a Landscape Irrigation Technician position, and if he would get the job, he would make anywhere between 35-50,000 a year...which is good. Its just hard applying for a ton of jobs at once...when Chris is too...cause I'm like..ugh, I dont wanna start a job..and then have to quit a week later if Chris gets a better job. Ya know? Its kinda tough! If anyone has any advice...send some luv!

My precious baby!

We took Landon shopping with us yesterday at the local grocery store here in Eagle...and we decided to get the cart that had the car attached to the front so that Landon could enjoy the shopping. Check out his face...he enjoyed it a TON! It was adorable!

Job Search

So yesterday, I went to Coscto and talked to them about a job...and they said that their corporation put a Freeze on hiring anyone else until after the holidays. Too bad! While I was there, I got a call from a Alissa (a girl I babysit for) and she says, "Wendys is hiring". I'm like...."Ohhhh gosh, I dont even wanna go that low..and have to work in Fast Food". I used to be a manager at McDonalds while I was finishing up College, and so I have some experience. Chris talked me to driving up to the Wendy's store to get an application. I totally did not want to go in and get an application. Chris said, "I'll do it. I'll get one to apply for myself". And I said..."'s okay. I used to work in fast food........I'll just do it." So I went inside and talked to the General Manager, and he told me that there is actually a Salary position available at $35,000 starting. I was excited to know that it was at least a salary position becuase then I know that we would have some money coming in monthly for all of our bills . I REALLY dont wanna for in Fast food...but if I have to for a few months I will. I also applied for 2 county jobs, and 3 hospital jobs in my degree...but most of the hospital jobs are already taken...or I dont have "enough" experience. I'll have to see about the County jobs still though. Also, last night, Chris noticed a posting over the internet for a job in Vail that is for a Landscape Irrigation Technician. I guess they start out between $35-50,000. The job posting was actually just posted yesterday...and he quickly applied...He seriously has all of the qualifications that he needs. The company wanted someone who was Bilingual also, and he totally can speak Spanish it was great! I think he has a really good chance of getting this job. He's going to call the Recruiter today...and have him look over his resume and cover letter...and then hopefully get an interview. I really think that Chris has a great opportunity to get this job.
Anyways, if you can, please pray that Chris gets this that I dont have to work at Wendy's! hahaha I mean, being an Assistant Manager would be alright....i guess...because they dont just flip burgers...but it'll be a lot of work....and take a lot of my time away from the family because I'd have to work whatever hours they would want. At least at McDonalds...i got to make my schedule. I could be working late everynight! And sometimes with a Salary Position in a place like have to put in like 50+ hours in a week. I guess i'll have to do it though...IF I HAVE TO...because I LOVE my family. I'll do anything for them. Can ya tell? haha

Monday, December 1, 2008

The worst thing happened!

OH my gosh! So tonight, Chris came home from work...with a letter from his job. . . yep! You heard it from me first. They laid him off! I'm stressing out because I dont know what the future holds for us at the moment. I applied for 3 different jobs at Vail Valley Mountain Medical Center tonight. I'm hoping they'll call me about a position. I found a phone number on the internet...and so I'll try calling them tomorrow. They are offering full time positions in all three jobs that I applied for. Even if I work full time, we probably wont make as much as we did previously. Chris plans on working my job at the church if i get a job at the medical center because he can take Landon with him.
I really can't even believe that this happened. It's a freakin shame! We moved here because they offered us a certain salary...and then 2 months later, they cut him 20%...and then on the 3rd month...they lay him off. WHAT? Are you kidding me?
I felt so bad tonight. Chris was so upset. He was afraid to tell me...I know he feels bad...kinda like it's his fault. But, i know better. It's not his's the stupid ECONOMY...and I have faith that it'll get better. I just hope that in the meantime...we can pay our bills. Sometimes things get hard...but with faith...we can overcome anything. Even if I have to work at McDonalds again....i'll do it because it'll be for our family. Chris can stay home and collect ALL OF THE UNEMPLOYMENT he needs to..while I work hard for the family. He does so much for my family, and even though they laid him off, I'm proud of him. He's so talented. It's just a shame that this whole country is falling apart. Tons of people are effected by it. It's messed up!