Monday, October 3, 2011

Recent pics of the last few months

I apologize for not posting photos of our family for the past few months. Our computer committed suicide about 6 weeks ago so I haven't been able to post many pics. I will update you on what we have been doing through the last few weeks through my next few photos!
 Chris and I went to a Real Salt Lake Professional Soccer game earlier this month with some of our friends! That is where this photo was taken!
 Chris and I bought the "Pass of ALL Passes" and we take the kids to play at the arcades about once a week. They seem to enjoy it as you can see from the pics here!
 Here is the Frogger Roller Coaster that the boys love to ride so much!
 Mckenna was enjoying watching the boys shoot these guns in this arcade room!
 Landon found a Horn toad on the dirt road up at the cabin near Mt. Pleasant Utah!
 Landon and Mommy stop for a picture on our hike!
 Our little family taking a break from our hike up at the Cabin!
 Mckenna playing at the Soccer game
 Mckenna snuggling up to Daddy on our hike!
 Kenna girl on her first hike!
 A horn toad up close! These little guys are FAST runners!
 Landon this summer at Foam Days in Lehi!
 Emily and Rayden at Foam days in Lehi 2011
 Landon playing in the Foam
 Uncle Evan and Landon
 Brynlee being cute
 Mckenna and her two teeth!
 Landon Rock Climbing!
 Rayden Rock Climbing at Trafalga
 Acting silly!
 Landon and Rayden eating popsicles and playin with Chalk
 Rayden eating his popcicle!
 Lauren and Brynlee playin with that horn toad!
 Brynlee up at the Cabin playin with the fan!
Corey and his Woman Sydney! We all love her!

Finally...some pics of when my dad came to visit in August!

 Grandpa Tony and Kenna snugglin
 Grandpa and his grandkids! Aug 2011
 McKenna and Grandpa Tony
 Grandpa and Landon stoppin for a picture!
The Crew hangin out playing. The boys kept getting all rambunksious with Grandpa. They were happy that came to visit! He'll have to come around more often!

McKennas first Birthday!

Today is October 2nd, and Mckenna had her first birthday! She dressed up as Cinderella and she even wore a crown. She didn't really like to wear it, but we got "some" pics of her wearing it with her outfit. She got some cute things for her birthday. She got some princess clothes, earrings, princess dolls, fingernail polish, and a decked out cake. Chris decided he wanted to go all out for her cake, so we bought her a cake that was HUGE, and had a castle on it with Cinderella, Ariel, Arora, and Bell on it! The pictures that I've posted are the ONLY pics that I got of the horizontal view. I'm still figuring out how to flip pictures from the Horizontal view to Vertical on Emily's MAC so forgive me for only having 4 pictures posted. If I post the Vertical View photos that I have, all of my pics will be sideways so I want to edit my pics before I post them! When I figure out how to change the view of the pics, I'll post more photos of Kenna's first bday.
Grandma and Grandpa Astle came with Uncle Braden, Corey and Sydney! We had like 11 neighbor kids come and support Mckenna too along with their parents. It was really nice of everyone who came! everyone who didn't come..YOU SUCK!...okay, not really but we wish you would have come and seen how cute Mckenna looked! Each kid went home with a gift so I think they enjoyed the party!
After the party was over, and all of the kids went home, the grown-ups decided to stay up and play some games. Landon fell asleep on the couch, and Rayden fell asleep with his "slinky" gift hangin off the bed, while he was holding it. (Rayden has been wanting a slinky for awhile now so I bought him a slinky for his party gift) He was soooo happy, and it made my night to see that smile on his face when he opened his slinky gift!
Anyways, we had a lot of people show up for Kennas big day, and we were extremely happy for the turn out! :)
We all love her, and she's growing up so fast! Too fast!
ps. Ohh, and yesterday, I noticed Mckenna got another tooth on the bottom of her mouth. She has three teeth total and all 3 are on the front bottom of her mouth! It's cute!

 Mckenna cake that she shared with her guests!
 Family pic on Mckennas first birthday!
 Enjoying the party!
Some of our "kid" guests!
 Mckennas first birthday cake that "SHE" got to eat on her own!
 Landon, Mommy, and Mckenna getting ready to sing Happy Birthday!
 Mmmm, cake