Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas 2011....

 Grandpa Astle and Landon
 Grandma Astle and Mckenna
 Landon and his new hat!
 Mckenna and her new bear
 Mckenna opening presents!
 Chris and I with our new Steeler Blanket that Denise made! I LOVE IT!
 Mckenna girl
 Mckenna opening her bear present from Grandma/Grandpa Astle
 Landon's letter to Santa
 This was the house the night before Christmas before it got destroyed on Christmas day!
 Letter to Landon from Santa

 Mckenna being sneaky
 Close up of Mckennas sad face....She's tired and wants to go to bed!
 Landon waiting for his gifts....haha
 Mckenna wants me to open her ringpop
 "Hi Everyone! I'm Mckenna"
 Landon and his new stuffed animal Mr. Wolf!
Mckenna lounging on the floor!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

First Snowfall of Christmas 2011

 Mckenna "not too happy" about being bundled up!
 Landon and Rayden standing nice and tall for the picture in the snow!
 Mckenna and Andi playing in the snow!
 The boys posing for a picture!
 Mckenna trying to help mama roll the big snowball to make the snowman!
 "Wshhh, I'm beat mom"
 Rayden rolling up the head of the snowman!
 Radyen and his big snowball!
 Mckeanna girl
" mmm, this stuff is cold mom"
 Checkin out the snow...she had no idea what it was..haha
 "mmm, this snow is gooood mom"
 Mckenna licking her fingers!
 The boys and their snowman!
 The boys and thier snowman!
 Rayden and his friend "The SnowMan!"
 Landon laughing at the snowman that He and Rayden made today!
 Landon putting on the "apple" eyes.
 Rayden playing on the swingset!
The boys enjoying each other!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Temple Square in Salt Lake City!

Chris and I took the kids and went to Temple Square last night to see all of the Christmas Lights. We had such a great time. It was really cold so we didn't stay that long but the temple was so beautiful!
 Salt Lake City Temple lit up with tons of Christmas Lights!
 Such beautiful lights!
 Christmas at Temple Square
 Daddy and Landon all bundled up!
 Quick family pic!
 Such a beautiful picture of the Salt Lake Temple!
 The lights reminded me of Fireworks in December!
 "Hi everyone!"
Landon standing next floating lights on the water!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Quick Video of Mckenna showing off her new walking skills!

Mckenna is getting pretty good at walking. This doesnt justify it becuase this is when she just started for the evening. Shes been doing so good for the past 45 mins. :)

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Santa left Landon a special message for Christmas. Turn up your volume to Hear!

Hello Everyone. I wanted to share a video from Santa to Landon. You'll have to turn up your volume if you want to hear what Santa said to Landon but it's really cute and if there are any parents out there who look at my blog and want a Video from Santa then it's really easy. You just have to click on this website.

Type that in your toolbar and watch Landons video

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Mckenna is officially walking

Today is Sunday November 27th, 2011, and Mckennai s officially walking. She started standing alone about a week ago, and she's been walking across furniture for awhile now. We actually bought her a little walking thing for her birthday and she's used it a few times. Shes taken a few steps tho this past week, and tonight she officially has it down! She is still apart of me, which means she took over my stubburn gene. This makes it tough for me to get it on video to post for everyone to see. I will keep trying tho and hopefully she will let me show off her new skill! :) She's a doll and you should have seen her face the first time she did it and I congratulated her. It was priceless with these big blue eyes and huge smile. Might I mention that her two top teeth are halfway in looked so funny! :) Anyways, hopefully you guys can all see her walking soon! It sure is a cute sight!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving Day 2011

Today for Thanksgiving, our family went to Veralyn Bradshaws church and we celebrated with the Erickson family! It was so great to see Grandma and Grandpa Erickson doing so well...and to see all of our aunts and all of Landons cousins! :) He had a good time playing  with Chase Fulmer, who is Denise's sisters little boy! He and Landon look a lot alike to me! It's neat! Mckenna only took like a 10 minute nap all day so lets hope she sleeps well tonight. Evan and Ann came, and Corey and his lady Sydney, and Braden and Kent and Denise. Brain and Lauren weren't able to come tho because Lauren's due to be a mommy again in about 2 weeks! We can't wait to hear about when they have their little girl!
The kids played basketball in the church and they colored us adults tons of pictures. We at a bunch of turkey and had tons of pies. Chris and I made a cheesecake pie for the occasion! Attached are some pics of our Thanksgiving Day!

 Kenna girl eating her breakfast
 Here is a picture of Landon and Rayden a few days ago before Rayden went with his dad!
 Mckenna girl chatting to me!
 Mckenna and Daddy at the church!
 Mama and Kenna girl
 Mckenna and Chase Fulmer
 Cousins, Landon and Chase
 Chase, Landon Rylee and Chris coloring some pics at the kid table. lol
 Chris and me snuggling up to take a picture!
 The Erickson Clan: Denise, Allison, Grandma and Grandpa Erickson, Betsy and Veralyn!
Here is also a picture of our Christmas lights on the front of our house. You can tell....we're excited for Thanksgiving to be over....and now we think about Christmas! :)