Sunday, June 17, 2012

Summer Fun 2012 with some of our friends :)

 Mckenna layin down on the ground...first day I put her hair in pigtails!
 Hello :)
 Playin T-ball like her big brother Landon!
 Tryin to Ride Landons little 2 wheeler bike that he got when he was her age!
 Givin Mama kisses. Ah, she loves me!

 On our way to our camping trip!
 Oh goodness....He's so scary!
 Chris with the kids on our hike!
 Landon and Rayden stopped for a rest on our hike!
 Headin up the mountain on our hike!
 The Beautiful Utah Scenery! It was 90 degrees with snow on the mountain. Crazy!
 Alex, Gentri, Rayden, Em, and Sam
 Mckenna stopped for a drink. Notice the says, "I'll just ask Daddy". She knows he'll give her anything she want too and uses it to her advantage. Smart girl! :)
 Landon playin in the water!
 Mckenna always wanting her daddy!
 Our group!
 Our family almost to the top of Silver Lake in AF Canyon!
 He's my pyro kid. He thinks he knows how to work matches...haha
 Mckenna enjoying our camping!
 Relaxin next to dad around the fire!
 Group of us at night around the fire!
 We also took another 5 mile hike through Timpanogas Cave!
 Landon lookin up at some Bats...
Group of us at the Bees game!
Meg, Me and Brindy at the bees game!
 Me layin out in the yard!
 Landon sportin his sunglasses~
Landon playin in the pool with his new best friend Braden!

Uncle Corey got married...

 Mckenna and Chris outside at the temple
 Uncle Corey and Mckenna all snuggly!
 "Mmm Cereal"
 Mckenna and Mama
 Aunt Sydney and Landon
 Mckenna was showing me some of her loving. She pulled me in for a snuggly kiss!
 Landon being silly!
 Sydney, Corey, Brian, Me and the nieces and nephew!
 Family photo!
 Mckenna and Grandma!
 Mckenna and Landon looking all confused at the after party!
"hi mom" I love you! :)

Happy Fathers day to the BEST dad! :)

Wow...I haven't been on here for awhile, but I figured, what better than on Fathers Day. I have the BEST dad in the world....
He might seem tough at times but truthfully, he's got a hard exterior but such a soft heart, and he would do anything for anyone! :) I'm so happy to call him my dad! :) Love you dad!