Wednesday, July 28, 2010

hello everyone

So...Chris and I have been redoing the baby's crib, and it's coming along great. I'm sure hoping I can start getting some sleep here shortly. Suprisingly enough, I'm thinking i'll get more sleep once the baby is born. I just can NOT get comfy at night at all!
Anyways, I just wanted to let everyone know! haha

Monday, July 26, 2010

Family picture :)


I haven't posted many photos lately, so i'm finally posting a lot. There are some photos of the 4th of July in Logan. We went to visit Emily that weekend so we got some pics of all of us together. We also took Landon camping the weekend after that, and we had a really great time together. We also took him boating. This past weekend, Chris and I drove down to St. George, Utah for the Astle reunion and had such a good time. We hiked the Narrows, went fishing, swimming at Uncle Craigs house, visited grandma and grandpa Astle, and went to Pine Valley Resevoir. We stayed in a Condo with the family and....we really had a great time. Enjoy the pics of our family trips! :)

Me, Landon and Grandma Denise posing at Uncle Craigs house!

Grandma and Landon during the Astle Reunion
Evan packing Landon on our hike in St. George, Utah this past
Evan and Aunt Ann with landon
Landon taking a little break from our hike in St. George
Landon and Daddy in the pool.
Chris, Me, Landon, Kent and Denise stopped for a pic on our hike

Family group shot

Scenery of our hike

Chris packing Landon this past weekend in St. George

More Scenery of our weekend Astle Reunion

Chris and I also took Landon Camping a few weeks ago and here are some pics of that

Me and Landon enjoying our camping trip

Chris relaxing by the fire

Landon and Rayden enjoying a bike ride

Me, Emily and the boys enjoying our day

Landon and Rayden playing with their fun new glasses

Emily, Rayden, Me, Landon, Brittany and Carter on the 4th of July

Me and Landon bundling up on the 4th of July

Rayden being cute and smiling big

Landon smiling big for Mama

Landon and Rayden playin together at the park

Landon smiling one day during our picnic outside of our house!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Potty training is SUCCESSFUL!

I think I can officially say that Landon is potty trained. He hasn't worn a diaper in almost a week. He sometimes likes to hold it in...when he needs to go #2...and it causes him to not go everyday but I think that will get better! Chris and I decided to give Landon "monkeys" everytime he went to the bathroom in the toilet. "Monkeys" are his name for Gummy Bears. Anyways, it has totally worked. I've been taking my time doin this just cause its not as stressful for me and Chris. When we started potty training him, I would leave him without his diaper during the days here at the house until we would need to leave. THEN...I would put a diaper on him! I think he's been learning really well though, and i'm proud to say that I've successfully potty trained my little man. All we wanted was to have him potty trained before our little girl got here, and we have succeeded! Yay!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Landon loves me!

Today, Landon and I spent the day cleaning the house, and getting dinner ready. I'm tryin something new that i've never tried before. It's called Mexican lasagna! Denise was tryin to decide what she was making for Dinner yesterday, and so she was showing me a ton of receipes in her cookbook. Anyways, it looked amazing so i'm going to try making it today.
Landon wont stay out of the olives tho, and its driving me crazy! lol
I opened 2 cans so that he could have some for himself. He makes me laugh cause of how much he likes the things I like. I was just telling my mom today about how I remember when I was a kid...I remember my mom always having snacks and sandwiches in her purse for us kids whenever possible. They were always the best sandwiches too. Anyways, its funny how kids always want the things their parents have. :)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Spaghetti and Chips!

Today, after church, I made some Spaghetti quickly for lunch. Landon cracks me up. He decided he wanted to add some barbeque potato chips to he did...and then when I wasn't looking, He added some to mine~
It's funny cause Landon ended up putting some chips on Chris' plate, and Chris ate it. After watching Chris finish up his Spaghetti and chips, I saw Chris add the chips to his plate with some more. I was stunned to see that he was enjoying the chips in his Spaghetti. Man, I have a weird family!