Sunday, June 27, 2010

Seven Peaks waterpark

Yesterday, Chris, Emily, and I took the boys to Seven Peaks water park here in Provo Utah. The boys had such a great time. We were there all day playin in the pools. Chris and Em took the boys on waterslides and stuff but I couldn't go on them since I'm the lucky pregnant girl! I didn't mind though, I got to go in the Lazy river so that was fun!

Enjoying the Summer

Hey, last weekend, Chris and I went up to Logan and took Landon out fishing on the raft. He loved it! Check out those pics! There were also some pics of Rayden, Carter and Landon hangin out like the good O'l days. :)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

North Carolina/ Pennsylvania Trip MAY 2010

Here are some pictures of our summer trip this year to visit my mom and dad! Chris and My dad went deepsea fishing, and they caught some big fish. Check out my pics of that...along with some pics of my dad's birthday...and some photos of our family in Pennsylvania. We had a pretty short trip this year, but maybe next year, we can visit family longer. We had a really great time, and the kids enjoyed seeing their grandpa, pappy and grandma! Life is great!

My dad caught this huge fish at Atlantic Beach NC! :)

Chris caught all of these fish when he went fishing with my dad

Here is my dad showing us the big boat!

Makin a silly face

My dad was playin this racecar game. It was funny!

Grandpa Tony and Rayden enjoying each other

Landon at Atlantic Beach

Sittin on a Seal at the Beach

Lickin off his icecream

Sittin on a Turtle in NC

The boys eating their ice cream

Enjoying the Ocean water

Walking along the beach

Happy Birthday Grandpa Tony

Enjoying Grandpa

Playin like a bunch of kids

Me and My pap in Pennsylvania

Emily, Briana and Me= Sisters!

Landon and Mikahla 2010

Landon and KK posing alike for the pic

Em, Kahla, Me and the boys at AppleBees

Landon givin pappy kisses

Landon and Pappy eating Lunch together

landon in the pool

Two pregnant women! Me and Jess

Landon begging me to push him "high in the sky"

The boys doing something they probably shouldn't be doing!

Landon watching Billy dump all of the water out of the pool

Landon enjoying the park in Uniontown