Monday, February 15, 2010

Big News!

Hi I guess it's time to finally post that Chris and I are having another baby! We're really excited...except that i've been sick everyday. It sux pretty bad but its totally worth it when the baby comes. If you ask me, I think i'm ready for another one! Landon is ready to be a big brother. :)
We're excited!

Thursday, February 11, 2010


is updating a post because Landon is sleeping. I haven't felt very well today...I think it's cause I havent been eating well. I've been pretty busy lately. I swear, i have the best kid ever. He's soooooo smart. He knows all of his colors now, and yellow is his favorite thus far! He likes red too, but he seems to take to yellow more! Today we used our "Car" crayons and colored some pictures for daddy! I love this age cause his personality shines through with everything he does. I admitt, I dont like the two year old tantrums that he gets sometimes, but I guess his good days outweigh his bad ones! He loves chocolate...i mean, what kid doesn't.
He wants a puppy...but we wanna wait a little while til he's a little older. Landon is really cute at times. This morning, he kept telling me that the other chair next to his at our table was Raydens chair. It was cute. I love it that Landon and Rayden are best friends :)
Chris and I have been looking for treadmills lately to buy. Man, they can be pricey...but we want we'll probably buy us one soon!
Anyways, if you want more information about've just gotta pick up your phone and call me!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

House pics

I took some new pictures of our place today. I wanted to post some so that everyone could see where we live. We just bought a daybed for our guestroom. You can see that too! :)