Sunday, January 29, 2012

The kids all growing up!

Landon getting ready for Church

Mckenna finding what she put in her mouth!. haha

"Hi Mom!"
Mckenna showing me her kissing face!
Trying to give ME kisses this time, but I backed away so all you got was this!
The kids making kissy faces together!

Laying down and being silly! They really are best friends. The only person missing is Rayen in this picture!

"Hi Everyone, do you see my big smile with all of my teeth?"

Being Poise!

"I dont know where my drink went mom!"

"But I really am sad cause I can't find my drink"

Showing mommy a silly face!

All snuggly on the couch watching tv!

I took some new pictures of the kids today! :) I figured I'd share them so that you guys can see how big they are getting. Landon will start preschool this year, and Mckeanna will be 2 in October. Its crazy how time has flown!  Check out our pics! Ps. I posted more pictures of Mckenna since she's the one who is changing the most at this time!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Sorry everyone. I haven't been online in awhile. The kids have been sick lately, and we've been pretty busy. Chris has been considering changing careers, and so he's been busy with that! Tonight, Chris is in Wendover until tomorrow night. It's pretty lonely here at home without him, but the kids have been keeping me busy for sure. Landon has pnemonia. I just found out today after I took him into the doctors office. He was up for about 2 hours in the middle of the night last night with a fever of 103.8. I got worried about it though because the last time his temperature was that high, he had a febrile seizure. He is doing alright now tho, he's on antibiotics. His fever finally broke this morning so that was great news! Ohh, and last night Chris and I bought Mckenna her very first little girls bedroom set. We got such a great deal on it so we have been pretty excited. We still have her crib up in her room tho for now, but I think we're going to take her out of her crib here shortly. Mckenna really really likes her new bed. I still feel like Mckenna is so teeny to put into a big girls bed but, I have to remember, she's a big girl. haha She wont be small forever. We're just going to put the crib away for whenever we decide to have baby #3. haha