Friday, March 16, 2012

recent pics of the kids helping out around the house and playing together!

 Mckenna stealing moms cereal!
" Hi everyone"
 Checkin out what my "bosch" is doing...spinning our dough!
 Ingriged by my spinning machine. haha
 Helpin mama make some pepperoni rolls!
 Happy that we're accomplishing something!
 Mckenna trying to take our her hairband!
 My two favorite people, Landon and Mckenna and they're growing up so fast!
 They're best buds!
 Havin fun in the tub!
 Landon playing with Mckenna
 Now,...Mckenna copying Landon!
 haha and these two were now playing back and forth! Cute!
"Hi everyone, I love baths"

Sunday, March 4, 2012

New Room, new priorities...

 We were snuggling while dad and Landon took down her crib
 havin fun with the camera
 Landon and Daddy takin down Mckennas crib
 Mckenna and I playing!
Mckenna is Officially in her own bed now. Chris and I got tired of her bedroom being so crowded with her crib and toys, that we did some "Spring" cleaning today. Well...I guess it's not "Spring" yet but you know what I mean!!!! We've reorganized how we want her stuff organized! haha
Chris and I are also trying to decide what we are doing this summer. We are having a job change sometime here shortly so it's kind of changed some of our plans for this spring and summer, but we'll figure it out. We have a few priorities this summer and we really hope that those things can still continue to happen!
Life has brought us into some complicated places within the last few months but we're making through because we know that as long and we pray and follow the right path that we will be blessed.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Whose the thief?

So Mckenna stole my whole loaf of bread when I was trying to make the boys some sandwiches for lunch. . . I knew it was her!!! In this video, you will see me asking her where it is and her looking up at me not saying anything...and then showing me where she put it! haha