Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Being silly!

I just added some pictures of Mckenna and her crazy faces. Check them out! :)

Monday, April 25, 2011

New photos of Easter

 Landon and Rayden posing for a picture on Easter!
Goofin off!

 McKenna girl smilin big for mama!
 Hi Everyone!
 "Did you say something mom?"
 Mama and McKenna!
 My girl sittin up big and tall..
 Emily and my girl Mckenna
 Relaxin on the bed
 Close up of Mommy and Mckenna
 Emily did some "soft" thing to Mckennas photo.
My kids love each other. Its cute!
 Family picture on Easter Sunday!
 Chris and McKenna hangin out at the table!
 Mckenna playin with her egg!
 Family picture of us coloring Eggs~
 Some of our colored Easter Eggs!
 Mckenna and Daddy at grandmas house!
 Landon lookin at his new playground. He calls it his park! If you look closely, you can see what it looks like!
 Landon and Grandma and Grandpa Astle
Me and the Kids!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

New Pics of Good Times

 Landon caught a baby catfish! Cool! Gotta start him young!   :)
 Rayden and his little fish too!
 Chris helping Rayden reel his fish in to shore!
 Landon was sooo sad when we let his fish go back to his home!
 The boys were playin in the bucket where we kept the fish!
 Our family walk on a nice day!
 Landon & Rayden helping Chris plant flowers~
 Rayden smiling big for me!
 Landon helping rake in the dirt before we laid the Sod.
 Best buds!
 Steeler man!
At the Salt Lake Soccer game
 Smiling on the way home from the soccer game. We got to see David Beckham, and man was he FIT. lol :)
Mckenna girl doin "tummy time".


Landon helping mama sing Karaoke! He loves it, and he did so well. Good for him! "Like mama, like Son!"

Mckenna 6 months

So, I took our puppy to get HER shots today, AND Mckenna had her 6 month appointment. Her measurements are...
1.  Head circumferance= 12th percentile
(means only 12% of kids at her age have a bigger head than her, which pretty much says she has a small head. lol)
2. She weighs 16 pounds 1 ounce= 49th percentile
(means 51% of girls that are 6 months old weigh more than she does)
3. I can't remember her exact length at the moment but...she is in the 71st percentile for height. That means she's pretty tall for her age. It means that she is taller than 71% of the girls her age.

Shes getting so big, and we love her tons! :)

Friday, April 8, 2011

Busy Busy Bee

WOW...it's been a whole month since i've written on my blog. My  mom is visiting, and she's been here for about a week. She's going to stay with us until Emily graduates. Emily took her to the George Strait and Reba Mcintire concert in Salt Lake on April 2nd, and she absolutely loved it. Now...if only my dad would come out and visit. We could do something fun with him!
Anyways, Mckenna just recently turned 6 months old. (April 2nd) and today she is going to have her 6 month appointment today! She is such a doll!
Can i just say that I seriously love my family. We've got a full house right now with Em, Rayden and My mom...and i'm sure Chris is going Crazy...but he loves them all, so he doesn't mind. It's really not even a big deal though cause Really...Emily is in school all day, and Chris is at work all day, so it's just me, my mom and the kids during the day! It's really great to have people over at nights for dinner cause we have a full table! It really is great! To me, family really makes life worth living. Chris and I are thinking of buying the kids a playground set for the backyard! I KNOW they will love it!
I also decided to puppy sit for a friend of mine this last week, and man that was tough! I'm definitely not ready for that yet though...with McKenna getting up still at night. I gave the dog back already..lol, 
Also, did you guys see that PIA went home on American idol? WTFreak? She totally was the top girl contender for sure. People have GOT TO VOTE for their favorite cause Dang...something bad can happen like sending another good person home! lol...
Anyways, if you wanna chat...give me a call! :)