Sunday, June 26, 2011

New pics of the family!

 Here is a picture of Landon on Fathers Day!
 Landon relaxing in the car.
 Mckenna happy as a Bee!
 Daddy and Mckenna at the pool!
 Givin mama a silly face at home.
 Playin in the water at the Splash park!
 Playin with her new ball from the Lehi parade!
 My two favorite kids playing together!
 Giving me a funny face!
 Snuggling up stickin her tongue out!
 Landon playing with her new gun!
 Hi everyone!
Mckenna layin on the floor!
 Chris cookin up some hamburgers on the grill!
 Landon and Mckenna playin together!
 Close up of Mckenna....givin me a confused face!
 Landon givin his sister some kisses at the park!
 Mama and her two favorite kids!
 Mckenna and daddy
 Halelulla! haha
Two best friends playin together at the park. Rayden and Landon growin up together!
 Mama at the pool relaxing!
 Mckenna playing in the water fountain
Here is a picture of Mckenna teeth! I told you I would send a pic, so this is the best pic I could get!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Kids with the Astle Grandparents

 Great Grandpa Astle and Mckenna (8 months old)
 Great Grandpa Astle and Mckenna all smiles
 Great Grandma Astle and Landon (3 years old)
Grandpa Astle and Mckenna (mckenna 8 months old)

Some new pics of our house and yard

 Our house with a little bit of Landscape. It doesn't look like much, but it's a lot better than it used to be!
 Another front view of our house!

The start of Landons park. The black stuff is weed barrier!
Chris finishing up putting in the PeaGravel
 The end Result of Landons park in our back yard.
 Landon really enjoys his "park". Thats what he calls it. Anyways, he plays a lot with the gravel like it is like sand. He uses the swingset, and then digs with his dumptrucks in the gravel. A lof of the neighborhood kids like to come over and play as well. It's nice that the kids are enjoying it so much!

Monday, June 6, 2011

New pics of the last 2 months

 Mckenna girl being cute this past weekend
 Mckenna girl stickin out her tongue at mama!
 Our pretty girl getting sleepy while snuggling up with mama!
 "Hi Everyone!"
 Emily and Rayden posing for a pic in the yard
 Mckenna, Landon, and Brynlee (cousins)
 Havin an Easter Egg hunt for Easter with their grandma from PA
 Landon and Rayden playin on Landons new "park"~
 Mommy and Mckenna on April 27th 2011
Me and Chris at Texas Roadhouse!

Saturday, June 4, 2011


I made some grapeleaves for dinner tonight. They sound scarey to eat, I know, but they are AMAZING!...
Some of my friends think it's gotta be a Panamanian thing..but it's not! lol A friend of mine is Lebanese and it's one of her family's specialties! They are sooooooooo good!
Today we spent the day at Kent and Denise's house and saw Brian and Lauren, and Baby Brynlee. Ohh, and congrats on the new baby coming! I know you will LOVE having 2 babies! I know I do! Life has been really good to me and my family!
Chris and I have done a lot of work lately on landscaping our yard! I will add pics shortly! I am just so busy these days that I am sorry that I haven't been keeping up with my posts. Every so often, I try to do better. I have some new pics of our landscape to post and of my family here shortly! Mckenna has her 2 teeth, and she rolls over every direction. Chris thinks she'll start crawling within the next month! Wish us luck! I actually kinda enjoy her not being able to follow me everywhere yet! are coming soon of everything...landscape, landons's new park in our backyard all finished. We put peagravel around the playground and paved it in. It looks really good!