Sunday, January 30, 2011

Finally in our new home!

Oh my goodness, we are FINALLY moved into our new house. We still have our big salt water aquarium to move but that is pretty much it. We had to extend our actual move in date to later because 2 hours after we signed our papers...a pipe had burst up in the upstairs bathroom and caused some damage. The bank had to pay for the repairs, so that was great! Anyways, Chris and i started moving in on friday morning, and we are officially in our new home. We slept in our new house for the first time last night. We finally got everything up and working great. We got brand new appliances and a new sectional, and it looks great too. I'll post some pictures soon! You'd be suprised how much work moving is with 2 little kids. I think McKenna is the one who takes most of my time. Shes a mama's girl and always wants me holding her. It's crazy though cause Chris can always get her to sleep faster than I can. WEIRD! Anyways, we are totally happy in our new home. It looks great inside! I hope you can come and see it!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Do mothers work?

Do I work? Yes!! I work 24 hours a day. Why? Because I am a MOMMY. I am the banker, I am a cook, a cleaner, a parent, a teacher, a referee, a nanny, a nurse, a handyman, a maid, and a comforter. I don't get holidays, sick pay, or a day OFF. I work through the day and the night. I am on call at all tell me my job isn't a real one!!

I wouldn't change my job for any other either! Ohh yeah, AND i'm a wife....add those duties to the list while your at it! :)
I have a great life!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Date set!

Hey everyone. i just wanted to let you all know that we close on our home on Tuesday at 2pm. YAY! We're excited to finally get in and start  painting and put in our new appliances that we bought for it. Chad will have Rayden next week so I'll probably just take over McKenna and Landon during the days and start painting and movin in. We're way excited. We'll have a "welcome" party once we get in and settled!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

busy busy bee!

Here is a video of McKenna giggling. She giggled for the first time on Christmas Eve. It was so cute!

Hey Everyone, I have been such a busy lady lately. Emily and Rayden are staying with us at the moment while Emily is teaching in Orem everyday. I'm watching Rayden, along with my two little ones, and so my days are loud and busy these days! Chris and I just bought our very first appliance set the day before yesterday for the new house. We needed a refrigerator when we move in so, we decided, why not buy a whole let of appliances so that everything matches. The bank bought a brand new stove for our house before we bought it but we have no idea where they bought it so we are going to sell it on KSL once we install our new Stove and Range, dishwasher, refrigerator. The stove that the bank bought is white and our appliances are blank and stainless steel. We're looking forward to making our house look nice once we move in. I hope we can keep it nice since we'll have 3 kids 3 and under in our home for awhile. :)
I am enjoying having Emily and Rayden with us. Chris works so hard for me and our family everyday, and i'm so grateful for him and his support through everything! I really grabbed a good man, and i'm extremely happy to be with him!