Monday, April 30, 2012

Tonsilectomy and Adnoidectomy a Success!

Chris and I went in to the Hospital this morning for his surgery and suprisingly, everything went fine. I was nervous about the doctors putting him under anesthesia because I didn't want him to quit breathing or something during the surgery, but luckily, the doctor said that they would put a breathing tube inside Landons throat that would continue his breathing if he were to quit breathing.
He did extremely well for the surgery, but I really am glad that it is ALL OVER! This past weekend, Chris and I were trying to prepare for Landons surgery by explaining to him what would be happening when he got the hospital. We also bought him a new Buzz Light Year gun that shoots balls so that he could shoot the doctor and feel more confortable with him. lol He also got new jammies, and a few other things from the hospital, like new cars, stuffed animals, and a new blanket! It seemed like Christmas Morning this weekend because Landon got so many things to help him feel comfortable in the hospital. When Landon left the Operating Room (OR), I could hear him yelling out to me. I asked the nurse if I could run to him, and she told me to stay where I was because he was coming into my room. When he got to our room, we unhooked him from most things he was hooked to, and I just held him and tried to get him to talk to me and focus because he was just waking up from Anesthesia. He was pretty out of it. But when he did come to, he told me that he was sad cause the doctor held him down, and he didn't like that!
The doctor showed us Landons tonsils, and man, they were pretty yucky! He is healing quite well if I might say. He came right home and started yelling and playing with Landon and I'm like...umm, "What he heck, you just had surgery, and your acting like he just woke up for the day, and wanted to play like nothing was wrong. The doctor told us that he'll probably feel his worse around day 6, so lets hope that this whole week of recovery goes well. Attached is a small videeo of his adventure today!
Thanks everyone for your fasts and prayers!

 On the way to the hospital at 6:00 am
 Enjoying the fishtank at the hospital
 Getting ready for surgery
 Ready to shoot the "Doctor"
 Watching tv after the proceedure. If you look closely, you can that he has a little smile from this tv show
 back  in his jammies to go home!...
 Landon, Chris, Mckenna, and Penguin our black chicken all playing in our yard after the surgery today!
Enjoying his chickens for a bit in the backyard!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Okay everyone, Landon is offically having a Tonsilectomy and Adnoidectomy on Monday morning some time. We are not sure of the exact time yet, but the hospital is supposed to contact us today sometime to let us know. My poor kid is going to go through a lot of pain, and he has NO IDEA!!! We've told him not to be afraid, but its really hard knowing that he's going to be in a lot of pain and I can't even tell him about it because he'll be worried and not want to get it done. He'll be sad when I have to leave him when he goes in to surgery. I just know it. Okay, maybe it's ME thats worried more about him than he is! haha That's only cause he is my favorite little boy ever, and I hate seeing my kids in pain.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Life has changes in store!

Hello everyone. I just wanted to give the Status of our family again!
A lot has been happening in the past few months and I haven't really spoken to anyone about it! Chris got laid off from his job, and well, before that happened, we had discussed some potential changes that we wanted for our family. Chris wasn't very happy working for the company that he worked for, even tho they paid well, so we discussed some other options and careers that he might like. Although, his ideal job position is working for an architectural firm, with the economy still hit hard, he had decided to become a cop for Utah County, and as of today, he officially works for The Utah Deptartment of Corrections at the Utah County State Prison in Draper, Utah! He will be working for this company for the next 3 years at least, and afterwhich, he might decide to go into the detective work. He's very smart and finds all of that stuff facinating so, I wish him well in anything that he chooses to do! We all love him very much and know that he will do well in any position that he attains!
Chris and I do want more kids, however, it hasn't happened yet! We suffered a few disappointments within the past few months and that has been tough, but our family is strong, and we have persevered! I love our family more than anything.
Corey and Sydney are getting marred this next month! And We all love her tons! I'm happy to have her as my new sister in law!
This summer is coming so soon, and it'll be nice to be able to go to Baseball games, Real Soccer Games, and just do some fun things outside with our family. With Mckenna being so much bigger this year, we can actually enjoy our swimming and camping trips even more!
 :) Life is good and I wouldn't want it any other way! :)

Sunday, April 8, 2012

A little video of Mckenna on Easter Day!

I took so many videos but this was the shortest video and it happened to be of Mckenna so i'll just post it for everyone to watch if they want.
The kids had suh a good time at their grandma and grandpa Astle's house. It was really Mckennas first Easter enjoying it since she was so small last year! :)

Easter 2012

Happy Easter Everyone!....
For Easter, we got to spend the day having Easter Egg hunts and Coloring Eggs at Chris' parents house! The kids had such a great time, and so I wanted to share some pictures! Check them out!

 Landon and his grandma Astle
 Mckenna finding secrets in the Easter Box
 Enjoying her day
 Finding more "Secrets"
 "Hi Mom"
 Family picture 2012
 Mommy and Mckenna
 Enjoying our day!
 Mckenna hunting for eggs!
 Landon and Daddy
 Some of Landons colored eggs!
 Some of the Astle Clan
 Landon and Mommy on Easter! I can't believe he'll be 5 this year!
 Mckenna twirling her basket around!
 Hunting for eggs!
 Landon looking for this "Purple" egg. haha This was the last egg he found, and it was so hard for him to find! haha
 Holding her basket like a purse. You can totally tell she is a "girl"
 Mckenna counting her eggs!
 sitting down all nice and big!
 Enjoying her day...notice the smile!
 Mckenna growing up!
Landon and Braden.