Sunday, November 30, 2008

All bundled up!

Today we took Landon outside to check out the new snow. This is the first year he can actually enjoy the snow, so I wanted to get a picture of him with his first snowball. Chris made it for him, and he let him play with it in the car. It wasn't long though before it started we had to throw it out. He didn't have a clue what it was...but then he just laughed at it! It was cute!

So the day before yesterday, we were able to buy Landon a Ferrit. We named him Cocoa. Ohh my goodness, he is soo cute, and he's soo good with Landon. They chase each other around the house all day. Yesterday...Landon threw a fit because Cocoa ate his cracker. The funny thing is, is that Landon was giving him his cracker to let the ferrit take a bite, and then Landon would take a bite, and they kept sharing the cracker. Eventually, Cocoa got tired of sharing, so he took the cracker and finished it off. Landon started crying, and it was just so cute. I'll add some pics as soon as I can get them uploaded to my computer. It's been a lot of work trying to copy cd's and dvd of Landons pics and videos. With all of this computer crap goin on... we wanna make sure we keep copies of EVERYTHING so that if the computer ever crashes...we have all of the sentimental items off of it!
On another note, I think I have strep throat. My uncle Craig Astle is a doctor, and he perscribed me some Ammoxicillian to take for 10 days, but it didn't work. My throat hurts more than ever everytime I swallow..or take a drink. I dont get to sleep very well at night time because I keep waking up from the pain. I think i'm going to try going to a family doctor that they can give me something else. Craig recommended me gargling with 1/2 teaspoon of Salt, 1 teaspoon of vinager, and an asprin about 3 times a day...but I dont even know if that's working very well. Wish me luck that it goes away. It sux! And it hurts BAD!

Computer problems

Hello Everyone again. I just wanted to apologize again for not getting online as often as I should. I haven't been able to. Our laptop has been having some problems. We just bought a new power cord when we moved to Colorado because we were having some issues with the computer staying charged...but then the other kept shutting off..we didnt know what the problem was. It sucks because we've had these problems for awhile now...and we keep calling the guy we bought it off of because we have a 3 year warrenty on it, but he hasn't returned our calls. I'm not even kidding, even we have to go to court for him to pay for the replacements of parts...then we're just gonna have to do that because it's crap that we have a warrenty on the computer, and he just doesn't wanna pay to fix it. I'm telling you, people are just dumb....kinda like Emily said in her message about our family! PSYCHO!!!!!!!!

Monday, November 24, 2008


Ohh my gosh, I loved this movie. I read all 4 of the books, and the best one was definitely the 4th book. I am totally for Bella and EDWARD. The director did such a great job of making the movie just like the book. I enjoyed the WHOLE movie so I dont really have a favorite part. Robert Pattinson did such a good job playing Edward, and I mean, he did so good at showing the "pain" in his eyes of the temptation of being in love with Bella. It was great. Chris took me to see the movie just yesterday...and he even held Landon the whole time. I got to totally pay attention to everything, and it was just great! Thanks dear!

I recommend the movie to EVERYONE...who loves a good love story. The sequal "New Moon" will be coming out in 2010...and i'm totally excited to see it! The second book was my least favorite of all of the books...becuase it was so sad. But...there is totally the happy ending that I That's all that matters. STEPHANIE MEYERS did a great job at creating this series.

Check out my handsome stud!

Back in Action

We're Baaaaaaaack! Landon and I were got visiting my pap in Pennsylvania for a little while to see my pap, and we got home late Thursday night. Early friday morning, Chris, Landon and I drove to Utah for Evan and Ann's wedding. It turned out great, and you can totally tell the spirit was there. It was great seeing everyone from the Astle family too. Ann's family seems great also. Here are some pictures from the wedding. The first picture is a picture of all of the daughter-in-laws so far from the Astle boys. There is also a picture of Grandma and Grandpa Astle, and the a really cute picture of Landon with a girl he met at the temple. Everyone kept saying she was his girlfriend. :)

Monday, November 10, 2008

Landon misses his daddy!

These pictures are for Daddy...since he wont get to see Landon til we get home. We love you!


So...right now it is November 10th. My pap was transfered to Ruby Hospital on Friday, and the doctors were going to perform surgery. However, he had another heart attack that night, and so the doctors decided that he's not surgery candidate, and so they wouldn't perform the surgery at Ruby hospital in Morgantown, West Virgina. They did however, aslso try to get in touch with some doctors in Pittsburgh to see if they would do the surgery, but they wouldn't. There was one doctor that they were trying to contact to see if he would do the surgery, but pap decided that he would just take medicine, and if that doesn't work...that would be that last thing he tries. He is scared to do surgery because the other night, he had a heart attacked, and actually died on the emergency room table. When they brought him back...he said he didn't know what was going on. He just remembered seeing tons of doctors and nurses all around his bed, and they had an oxygen mask on his face. Sad huh? Anyways, today he decided that he would rather go home, instead of getting surgery done. He's staying with my aunt Brenda at her house because the doctor doesn't want him climbing up stairs everytime he needs to use the bathroom. Anyways, here are some pictures of us with him at the hospital. He's not better....but he's not worse either. That's all that I want. Just to be stable and happy. :)

Friday, November 7, 2008


So right now, it is almost 8:00 pm on November 7th, My birthday! Chris took me out to dinner to this chinese place, and it was really good! Chris also bought me a 60 by 80 foot Steeler blanket. Its the nice thick plush/velvet kind, and it's gray and black, and has the Steeler sign on it. Anyways, I just wanted to comment...just in case my dad reads my blog in the next few days...
My mom said that the doctors decided not to operate on pappy today because they first need to get back his "bone scan" results, and give him medicine to coagulate his blood. (that thickin his blood). He's been on some blood thinner medicine because of his cancer...I guess they had him taking that medicine...but now they need to thicken his blood so that if they do surgery...he wont bleed to death. Anyways, the doctors are waiting also for his bone scan results to see if and how much cancer has spread into his chest. If the cancer has spread into his chest, then due to the cancer, they won't even be able to operate on him, and he will just die. I just wanted to give the update. If they do decide to do surgery, they will do it on Monday November 10th.
Keep praying...
After tonight, I won't have a computer to update my blog...cause i'll be in PA..but I'll try doing it as much as I can..when I Can get to a computer. If you need us, call my cell!


Today he has to have Quadruple ByPass Surgery.......PLEASE PRAY THAT HE MAKES IT!
Today's my birthday...what a present!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

I love my PAPPY!

Today I got a call from my mom, and she told me that last night my grandpa was admitted to the Hospital. He had congestive heart failure around midnight last night. He already has Prostate Cancer...and it's spread into his bones..and so there's nothing that can help him now. It spread quickly to his bones before we even knew he had cancer. Anyways, everyone...if you can, can you pray for him. I'm sure any prayer will help. I just want him to get healthy. I know that he'll never really be as healthy as I know he wants to be....but I just pray that he doesn't pass on anytime soon. I want to be able to see him again! This is my PAPPY!

It's going to be okay!

So I got Landon's pictures back from Emily through the mail. I will be sending out everyone's picture of Landon tomorrow afternoon...on November 6th. Thanks Emily for sending them to me. (When I was in Utah, I got his pictures taken, and so Emily picked them up from JCPenney when she picked up Rayden's pics. I was just waiting for them to get here) I waited for seriously 8 days to get them. It's crazy. Anyways, today I also went and checked out some jobs, and well...I called all over to different Physical Therapy Clinics...but no one is hiring at the moment. I figure I could get a job for just 3 days a week or something to help out with money until around February. I actually really enjoy working so, it'll be nice to get out of the house...and get a break from Landon for a few hours. Dont get me wrong, I love being home with him, but a break is good at times too. So, anyways, I think i'm going to work at Costco for a bit. They start over $13.00 an hour...with no experience, so I'll probalby get more than that. It's just discouraging at times, cause I busted my butt in College to finish, and I did...and I went to college to get a better job than Costco...but ohh well, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.It's not permanent, and with this economy like it is...I'll do what I can to help out. I mean, we're taking like a $1,000 paycut a month. I'll easily make that in a month workin there, so that's all I wanna do. I like helping out our family. It makes me feel good! Since they gave Chris a 20% paycut...along with everyone else who works at his architectural firm, he only has to work 4 days a week, I'll just work the other three days, and we'll be fine. That way we can save money by not having to put Landon in Daycare. I dont wanna put him in daycare anyways. I feel like we're the best people to teach him things. He needs us both more than anyone else. Anyways, wish us luck, and i'll leave another message sometime soon!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


So about an hour ago...Chris calls me at home..and says..."Guess what?" I said..."what?" He said, "I just got out of a meeting at work, and well...they're cutting everyone's pay by 20%," and now he's not working on Fridays anymore either. I'm like. WHAT? It sucks because with my degree, usually the good jobs that I can get are from 8-5pm...and's during the week. It sux that i'm probably going to have to get some crappy job not in my field now...and work on the weekends cause here in have to have a job because everythings so freakin expensive. Can you believe it, his bosses actually said..."Maybe you should tell the people your renting from, and see if they'll take down the monthly payment." I'm like...dude, you sign a contract. What's annoying is that you move to a place...guarenteed that things are going to be we come here, and they are giving people pay cuts. I guess it's its better than laying 6 people off cause i'm sure Chris would be the first to go since he hasn't even been here at this job for more than 6 months yet. I FREAKIN HATE BUSH...and I hope this new president can help fix the ECONOMY. My kids life depends on it!

Handy Manny

Hey, so Landon loves watching Handy Manny! I just wanted to show you...every morning when it comes on at 10:00, I turn it on for him to watch. Even if he doesn't watch it, it's nice to be on so that he can hear the music and dance to it. Anyways, today while I was changing Landon's diaper...I turned on Handy Manny, and he quickly got up (good thing I was finished attaching his diaper or he wouldve got poo everywhere). Anyways, he ran right up to the tv, and started watching it. Can't you tell?! I didn't even have time to buckle his Steeler onsie.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Fun night out!

Tonight, Chris and I went out for the first time since we moved here to Colorado. We took Landon of course too, and we went to "Rick and Kelly's American Bistro". It's a Sports bar/grill place, and the owners are Steeler Fans. We dressed Landon up in his Steeler Attire, and went and had burgers and french fries, and watched the Monday night Football game. The Steelers played the Redskins, and of course the Steelers whipped some butt. They won 23-6. It was a great second half! Roethlisberger hurt his shoulder, and so Byron Leftwich filled in, and he kicked butt. One of his very first plays was a 50 yard pass to the goal line. We got a touchdown shortly after. It was great!
Anyways, we had a really good time tonight, and we wanted to share it with you.
When Emily and Chad come here next....we're taking them there. We're definitely sporting the boys in their Steeler Clothes. They'll love it!


You wont even guess how retarded the post office here in Eagle is. It sucks enough that EVERYONE in this town has to get a PO box because they dont deliver mail to your house here. It's retarded! Anyways, I got Landon's first year pictures taken on October 7th, and i've been waiting for them in the mail here...and they are still not here yet. It's annoying cause it's his first year pics...and i want to send them out asap. I mean, the pics dont mean anything if people get them when he's 2 years old. Ya know? Grrr, so they were supposed to be here on Friday...and of course they're not here today either,...and it's Monday. All the post office to wait and hopefully they get here, and if they dont get here...too bad! His pictures just mean a lot to me...and I mean, I was already annoyied that it took so long for the pics to get it's freakin taking 2 weeks longer. I just hope they get here.'re going to get the pics someday...lets just hope it's sometime soon!

Goin for a ride with Mommy & Daddy

I took these pictures on November 2nd while we were taking a drive as a Family. Landon was showin you his two front teeth again!

Eating a Tootsie Pop

Chris and I decided to let Landon eat a piece of Candy from his Halloween Bucket. We never give him Candy..cause we dont want him eating all of that sugar. Anyways, we gave him a tootsie roll pop, and man, he seriously ate the whole thing, and he ate it quick too. He loved it. I tried taking some pictures of Landon that everyone can see his new top teeth that he just got recently. Look at the mess we had. Right after he finished, I had to put him in the tub!

Trick or Treat

On October 31st, we took Landon trick or treating one last time throughout our HUGE neighborhood. I never knew it was soooo big. Dude, people give out tons of Candy here. I'm assuming it's cause their all rich. Chris said that they were giving out hand fulls into Landon's bucket sometimes. Chris and I took turns taking Landon up to people's houses. He was heavy doing all by myself. He probably weighs like 25+ pounds already. Here is a picture that we took of that night!