Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Chris' job status

So an update for us is that Chris has tons of work at the moment. He started his own company recently..and we haven't really had any business. haha's coming along here now. He's been doing Framing on the side, and he's been doing design work for people's property too. I feel like I dont see him much cause Last week he worked 50 hours just on one job. Today, it snowed in Salt Lake and so Chris got to come home early from work. It actually worked out perfectly cause Chris and I need to go and do some pricing for supplies and he has to get a bid finished by this weekend. We have a few clients now, and honestly, we might need to be turning people down if more keep coming at this second cause he just doesnt have time to do it all! :)
I guess it's a blessing that we have so much work at the moment. We haven't got paid yet so we're still poor hahaha but it'll come soon! :)

Monday, March 29, 2010

Last Easter 2009

Grandpa Zaccheus and Landon

Sitting with Grandpa

Helping Landon put the balls in the hole

Enjoying the Beach

Goin down the Slide

Walkin with grandpa 2009

Touching the Sting Rays in South Carolina

Grandpa and Landon close up!


Easter 2009 in North Carolina
So i was looking over my pictures of Landon from last Easter...which was in North Carolina. We went visiting my dad, and so I wanted to add some post pictures of landon from 1 year ago. It was crazy seeing how much landon has grown since then! Check out those photos!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Landon Ice Skating and some pics of Disney on Ice with Rayden

Waiting for us to take their picture

Watching intently for Disney on Ice to start!

Landon and Chris smiling

Grandma and Grandpa Astle helping Landon ice skate

Family pic holding Landon up!

Landon making a silly face

Me and Landon goin down the blow-up slide

Best friends...holding hands

Rayden sayin "Cheese"

Landon showing us his little gap! haha

Landon ice skating on his own

"Look mom, I can do it myself"

Tryin to get landon to move!

Family pic

Chris skating with Landon :)

Sunday, March 14, 2010


Hi everyone...Sorry again for not posting for awhile. I let my sister take my laptop to her house in Logan, so I haven't had my computer. Chris and I went to the doctor and we got to see our little peanut baby! We'll find out the sex of the baby in about 6 weeks hopefully. We are planning on possibly taking a trip to St. George, Utah and maybe having our uncle Craig who is an OBGYN doctor take a look and see if he can tell what we are having! If the baby is a boy, usually all of the male parts are present earlier than the female parts, so we can tell sooner. If we dont end up goin to St. George, our doctor will probably wait til we're like 21 weeks along to check what the sex is. It seems like my doctors office is behind on EVERYTHING. I dunno, I've called them like 500 times so far trying to get them to call in a prescription for nausea for me, and of course they never call me back. Chris and I are seriously thinkin of getting a new clinic and Doctor to go through. It's quite frusterating...being sick, and not having any medicine to take. Ugh, anyways, other than that, we're pretty excited about the new baby! I have a feeling that we're having another boy..just cause my pregnancy this time is so similar to Landon's! Who knows though, I mean, I could be suprised in a few weeks if it turns out that we're having a little girl. Apart of me thinks having another boy would be better. I mean, we already have all of our boy clothes and stuff for the correct seasons cause Landon was also born in October. If we have a girl, we'll have to buy all new clothes and stuff. So, either way, i'll be happy!