Saturday, June 27, 2009

Fun in the SUN!

Did you say something mommy?

Getting ready to splash momma

Here he goes....actually splashing mama

Here he is falling out of the pool!

Here he is actually making it "out" of the pool!
Showing mommy how much he was havin fun!
Showin mommy his tongue

Playin ball in the pool

He was splashin himself in this picture!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Recent pics of my baby!

I decided to add some pictures to our blog of Landon using his spoon. He's uses it like a big boy, and it's so cute. He's growing up so quickly.
Tonight I also decided to cut landon's hair. Well, usually, Chris and I bribe him with a lollipop! lol. Chris usually distracts him with the sucker while I cut his hair. Tonight I decided to do it all by myself. I thought that if i cut his hair while he was in the tub and eating his sucker, that it wouldnt be too bad. wasn't extremely bad. He just thought I was trying to distract him from eating his sucker and he started to get upset with me. He says "pop pop" for lollipop. It's really cute! Anyways, I didnt' realize that his WHOLE mouth would turn blue from the Raspberry sucker. I'm retarded I guess, cause he had Blue ALL OVER HIS FACE. Anyways, here are some other picturse of his blue face! Check out my blue "Goth" baby! haha