Tuesday, April 20, 2010

April 19,2010 Nice day out!

Landon and Daddy

Close up!

Landon and Mommy

Belly Pic at 5 months

Yesterday, Chris and I decided to take some pictures of the family outside since it was such a nice day! Some people were asking me for a belly picture...and so I took one! I'm only about 5 months along so, I guess it's not too big yet. I'm actually really glad cause...i've got a long way to go still! BOO! I hate the end part of pregnancy...Actually, the beginning consists a lot of throwing up..and i dont like that part either...so i guess the second trimester IS the best part of it!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Some Pics from St. George, Utah

Chris and Landon :)

Grandpa Astle and Landon riding the 4-wheeler

Landon, Chris, Me, Grandma, & Grandpa Astle

Landon and Grandpa Astle smiling big for me!

Landon playing in the sand at the Sand Dunes!

Enjoying the red sand!

trying to eat something

Playing by the fire pit at Uncle Vals house!

Sitting at the water fountain

Here is a picture of landon's eyes starting to puff up after he played with that farm cat!

Here is Landon rubbing his eyes cause they were itchy from the cat

Chasing a bunny on the farm

close up at the farm

Talkin to the goat

Another pic on the farm

Landon and mommy playing with the farm cat

Holding his cat that he loved so much!

Feeding the goats

checkin out the chickens

Braden, Kent, Denise, Valerie, and Val up on the mountain

St. George Utah view of Mountains

View #2

Group shot of our hike

Braden carrying Landon on the hike!

Daddy packing Landon on the hike

Me shooting the 22 off of a 4-wheeler

Landons puffy eyes when I washed out his face from cat dander!

Landon shooting his own gun at the Clay pigeons

Landon riding the 4-wheeler

Grandma Denise and Landon snuggling up together!

Me carrying Landon up on the mountain!

Chris posing up on the mountain in St. George

This past weekend, Chris, me and Landon went to St. George to see our grandparents. Kent, Denise, and Braden also went. We went on a hike through sand up the mountain with Landon in a hiking back pack. We also shot the 22's, rode the 4-wheeler, got to pet Grandpa's horses, pet the baby goats, and we learned that Landon is allergic to cats. It's kind of weird cause he's been around cats since he was little. At paps house in PA...he's played with a bunch of them, and has never had a problem. This weekend, however, he was scrated in the face by a farm cat, and his face blew up like a balloon. It looked like he got beat up in a boxing match for real. Here are some pictures of our trip. Ohh, and also, Uncle Craig did an ultra sound on us. We were only 14 and 1/2 weeks pregnant so determining what the sex of the baby technically too early. If we were having a boy, the parts are well formed by 16 weeks and then if we were having a girl, the doctor would have trouble seeing it until about 20 weeks so...my regular doctor wont do an ultrasound for about 4 more weeks but...Craig did it a little early and he said, "Dont quote me on it, but this is where you would be having a girl, and he showed us the girl part. haha It's a lot harder to see than the boy! lol. So...he thinks we are having a girl as of now haha! :)

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter was a lot of fun!

Landon giving me kisses

Close up of Me and Chris

Landon and Me at Emily's house on Easter Day

Landon and Rayden at K-Mart

Landon and Rayden

The boys smiling on the train

The past weekend, we spent Easter in Logan with my sister Emily. She had Rayden with her so it was way fun! Landon and Rayden went to a few easter egg hunts, and got tons of Candy. Emily wanted to make the dinner so...we let her :) hahaha
I helped her make stuff though even though she made the majority of it! I'll be posting pictures here shortly! Stay tuned!