Tuesday, December 7, 2010

McKenna, Landon and UPS

So, McKenna has had a cough lately and so we took her to the emergency room on Sunday. The doctor said she was fine...just a minor viral cold. Well...we took her to her 2 month appointment on Monday (the day after) and her peditritian did an evaluation on her. Yeah, she has an ear ache in her right ear, and one forming on her left ear, and the doctor thinks she might be getting RSV. RSV is a respiratory viral infection that is really bad in little kinds and infants. I have to keep monitoring her for the next few days because if her breathing worsens then the doctors will have to put her on monitors and suck out all of the crap in her lungs. She's been doing alright though, just sleeping mostly. I have her on some antibiotics for her ears! The doctor thinks she could have gotten it through the air. They are JUST starting to see RSV in the area. Anyways, she's been doin alright. I just thought I'd tell you all and keep you informed on my life! haha
I dont think i've ever posted anything about Landon on here recently. The day before we went to PA for my paps funeral..Landon fell jumping on the bed and got staples. When we got back to Utah, we had to get them taken out. Yesterday, he was running through the house, and fell and wacked his forehead on the stairs. Of course he cried, but he is doin alright!
Ohh, and then I had some stuff mailed from PA to Utah that I couldn't take on the airplane when I left PA. It was some of my paps stuff...(a pocket knife and some other things from his room). Anyways, I received the pkg yesterday...with no contents in it! This means that the mail place lost the contents in the pkg, and so i've been trying to give details to UPS on what exactly was in the box. Ohh, and getting insurance on the pkg doesnt' refund anything because I dont have receips for any of the stuff I was sending home. SUCKY!
Anyways, thats my life at the moment!


Astles said...

It does not sounds like you are all having a good week! Stitches, stairs, RSV! So sorry! What a bummer! Sounds like you are being a good mom though and taking care of your kids. Hopefully everyone is better by Christmas! Anything else new with you guys? I bet Landon and McKenna are gettng so big!