Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Our 4th of July

Chris and I decided to to take the kids to Liberty Park in Salt Lake for the 4th of July. Our friend Sione Pouha #91 for the Jets was promoting a new drink called "Bula" and he invited us to attend a big party at the park. We went around 3 and stayed til almost 7pm, and at that time, we met up with Emily and her date, and his sisters and took the kids to a Salt Lake Bees game! There are some games where they have fireworks after the game, and this was one of those games. The view is AMAZING whenever you see fireworks at the park. We've gone 2 times already this year. Anyways, while we were at Liberty Park, we got to see Sione and his wife Keiti and 2 of their boys! Their girls were up hula hooping with some of the other family. It was such a nice show with live music and tons of people. We even got to see Chris Kemoeatu who now plays for the Steelers as well. Him and Sione are good friends. Chris Kemoeatu is even a good singer, who would have known! :)
I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the STEELERS! I swear, I would love to be able to go home whenever they play the JETS and watch that game! Ugh, it would just be amazing! Right now, the NFL is still doing their lockout and so there are still no games set to play....
Because of the lockout, I was able to see Sione though in Utah so i guess it does have it's benefits! His family is so great. I will post some pics of us with his family, along with Chris Kemoeatu singing up on stage!

Oh...and Sione even signed a football for Landon and another football for Rayden! He was bummed that he didn't get to see Emily or Rayden, but we told him that we'll get together with him again now that he's in Utah for awhile.  Landon slept with his football and has had it with him all day. He keeps saying that he wants to play with it for a little bit, but I keep telling him that it's a signed ball from an NFL player who is friends of Mommy and Daddy and he doesn't really understand. He'll be happy ONE DAY though!

Enjoy everyone~