Monday, August 6, 2012

Fun times this summer!

 We love family get togethers!

Brothes and Landon
Mckenna and Mommy playing in the yard
 Mckenna didnt wanna wait for a "cooked" hotdog so she took raw ones in EACH HAND!

Manti Temple Pagent with the kiddos!
 Playing cards up at the Cabin

 Riding 4 wheelers up at the Cabin!

Mckenna and Andi playing up at the cabin!

Landons first day of Soccer

Landon enjoying Em's classroom!
At the SLC Bees Baseball game taking the kids on the train ride!

Me and My Mckenna girl at the pool

 All smiles at the pool!

 Landon enjoying "Seven Peaks"

Mckenna and Mommy enjoying the sun in the water

 Daddy and Mckenna girl!
 Landon on the Dinosaur~
Mckenna on the Dinosaur!