Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Astle events!

Hi Everyone...
Just wanted to let everyone know how things are goin at the Astle home! Chris has been working hard at the airport, and I still get up with him early everyday to make sure he has breakfast. The airport will close down soon, and Chris will start another job at Beaver Creek Resort. He's been working there on his days off for training, and he said that he likes it, so I'm happy! I've been workin at the church, and Landon has been the best helper! He likes to ride on this little garbage cart thing thats at the church...and it is hilarious. I started making a game out of it and making "vroom vroom" noises, and he cracks up laughin. It's adorable! Landon has taken 2 naps today...I think I wore him out at the church today when we went there to clean so he's napping for the second time right now! He slept for like 3 hours this afternoon from like 10:30am until about 1:30pm, and it was so cute. Around 12:00pm, I took him out of his crib and laid him with me. He just snuggled for awhile until he decided he wanted to wake up and play!
I love being a mom...I dont know how some people like being single. I seriously have the best husband ever...and I really feel like I'm just greatful for what I have. I think about it a lot...when I actually have some time to think...(usually that's when Landon's sleeping or late at night when I'm the only one up). I know that we dont have all the money in the world...but I really feel like it doesn't matter. I appreciate the fact that we have "some" money to live off of...hehe but ya know? Money isn't everything! I'd rather be loved and have a family...than have all the money in the world.
I'm just lucky I guess!