Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I have a great husband!

Hey Everyone...just wanted to say hi, and tell everyone that things are going great here at our place! Landon is napping at the I actually have time to post a message! Chris is the best husband ever, and he really works hard for our family. I just wanted everyone to know that I really am lucky! Yesterday I was having the worst day...and he took Landon for about an hour while I cooked dinner...and it was just great! I was so stressed cause Landon kept throwing his chicken on the floor...and soon after it became a game with his sippy cup. I just wasn't really in the mood to play that game while I was cooking so Chris decided to take Landon. Yeah, he's a great husband, and I couldn't ask for anyone better.
Hope you all are doin great!


Mason Clan said...

Hey of course i still like you guys!!! Duh... I just lost all of my friends list when i changed my background and i didnt know your blog address and i have just been looking at your blog from emilys... I will add it now... I havent posted any pics cause i havnent taken any pics in forever!! We dont do anything at all i am just home with carter and so there is nothing exciting to take picutres of... But i will try and do better... I am way excited to see you guys make sure we do!!! Im exicted!!!